General Terms and Conditions of Business and Use for

The website ("VideoCounter") and the services provided on it (such as statistics, video distribution, TubeTransfer module) are provided by Webeffekt AG, Dinslaken, Germany, ("Webeffekt") on condition that you consent to the terms and to the conditions of use set out below.

1. Private use only
The rights of use do not give you the right to distribute, license or sell the products, computer programs, information or services which are contained on the website or to generate products from them. In cases like (but not limited to) agencies (publicity, video, PR agency etc.) wishing to use VideoCounter for their respective customers, a contractual agreement with Webeffekt is required. However, if a company or an agency uses VideoCounter for distributing videos about itself and its own products and services, it may as well use VideoCounter free of charge.

2. Liability exclusion
The products, information, computer programs and services on this website may contain errors or typographical mistakes. Webeffekt reserves the right to make improvements and changes to VideoCounter at any time. Webeffekt does not guarantee the reliability of the services, data and information offered on this website or their suitability for any specific purpose. All services, data and information are provided as seen without any warranty or guarantee. Webeffekt is not liable for any consequential losses including but not limited to loss of use, loss of data or lost profit.

3. Unlawful or illegal use
In using VideoCounter you undertake not to use VideoCounter products, information, software, services and associated graphics for purposes which are unlawful or which are prohibited by other regulations such as copyright, etc.

4. Data Privacy and Security
Webeffekt saves and uses personally identifiable data therefore only insofar as this is required for the processing of contract agreements between the customer and Webeffekt. Personal data will not be forwarded to third parties as long as such forwarding is not necessary to provide or invoice (including debt collection) the contractual services or if there is a legal disclosure obligation. All Webeffekt employees are obliged to keep data secret in accordance with the law.

The customer is hereby informed, in compliance with § 33.1 of the German Data Security Act, that his/her complete address, as well as certain other information provided in connection with the Webeffekt service agreement and services, will be stored by Webeffekt in electronic form and processed electronically for purposes occurring as a result of the agreement.

Webeffekt hereby informs the customer that the privacy and security of data transmissions in open networks such as the Internet cannot be guaranteed based on the technology currently available.

However, it could be technically possible, under certain circumstances, for third parties to access the network security without authorisation, especially for data transfers via the internet outside the Webeffekt access area, and control communication traffic or monitor data traffic. Therefore, customers are responsible for the security and safeguarding of their own data transferred via the internet or for data that can be reached from the internet.

5. Accepting conditions of use for the videoportals
In using VideoCounter you accept these General Terms and Conditions of Business and Use and the conditions of use of the videoportals used via VideoCounter.

6. Charges for using the services available on the VideoCounter website
There is a charge for using the services available on the VideoCounter website including but not limited to the "" module, which transfers videos from one videoportal channel or media database to another videoportal. Unless otherwise agreed this is subject to the following: If there are changes to the videoportals which make it impossible or unreasonably difficult for Webeffekt to provide the services normally available on VideoCounter in whole or in part for any time Webeffekt's obligation to provide such services shall be suspended for such time. This does not entitle the user to withdraw from the agreement. A charge will then not be made for any services or parts thereof which are not provided and any payment already made will be reimbursed if Webeffekt provides less than 90 % of such services ordered.

7. Links to external websites
VideoCounter provides links to websites of information providers other than Webeffekt. Webeffekt is not bound by the content of such links. Webeffekt has no control over such websites and is not responsible for their content or any information which they contain. Under no circumstances does Webeffekt bear liability for such content or information. If you have any complaints regarding such links please let us know.

8. Changes to these Terms and Conditions
Webeffekt reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions which apply to this website. Any such changes take effect two weeks after they have been published on VideoCounter.

German law applies. The place of jurisdiction is Dinslaken, provided that this is possible by law.
Dinslaken, April 2008. Last amended on 17 June 2010.

Please let us know if you have any questions to these Terms and Conditions.

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